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Dear Guest, Welcome to our website! We are pleasured to invite you to a virtual gastronomic tour where you will savour the delicious Szekler specialities. We provide not only a wonderful culinary experience, but a fun time and relaxation as well. We are looking forward to seeing you soon in the heart of Kézdivásárhely, in a Szekler community! 

According to historical records, this nearly 200-year-old building gave place to a printing house and a library at the time of the 1848 revolution, and on the second floor worked a contemporary casino. Our company was established in 1994 with the view to establish the first real, high-quality entertainment venues for the city’s youth. This year we opened our pizzeria and then 1995 we worked as a night bar.

During the Ceausescu regime the building gave place to the police. In 1996, we opened our summer garden, transforming the old police yard and side buildings, that under communism worked as house of detention and torture. In 1997, transforming our night bar, we opened our first restaurant. In 1999, we expanded our field of activity and established the town’s first fitness centre. In 2006, we stylishly redesigned our restaurant, which has been operating as a traditional Szekler restaurant. In our kitchen we proceed only traditional materials, retaining the original flavour of the Szekler cuisine.

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