The buy propecia online layout of the town is unique, the center is surrounded by small streets called court areas. The reason for their creation is simple, the town was a market in the old days, around which the traders, craftsmen set up tents, then they settled down and built their houses. It is due to this fact that from the center a great many small streets start, whose residents have close ties to each other, long ago this street was counted as a common courtyard. As the town developed there were more and more courtyards and for a better orientation the town council has introduced their numbering. The courtyards were closed, but today these are open and we count 73 of them. In 1834 the town burnt down. Unfortunately most of the main buildings were burnt down in the big fire, namely 421 and 14 people were victims of the blaze. The town was rebuilt in 1838. Its wood- frame porch buildings are of special interest.